My Neighborhood

Hollywood Citizens Association

Although my contributions have been small, I am honored to be part of the Hollywood Citizens Association (HCA) board. For us to understand a seemingly out of control world it is more important than ever that we become friends with those who live close to us. Small close knit, interdependent communities are the model for a sustainable world and HCA can be the focal point for us right here. I also believe in keeping a connection to our history, traditions and past and see HCA as the repository for that connection.

The Hollywood Citizens Association owns and maintains the Hollywood Community House and functions as the center of the neighborhood. It is located at the Corner of Washington & Hollywood in Hollywood (Brookfield), IL 60513. Hollywood is a neighborhood on the east of Brookfield and west in Riverside bounded by the confluence of the Des Plaines River and Salt Creek on the south, east and west and the Brookfield Zoo on the north.

I have lived in the Riverside section of Hollywood for the past 26 1/2 years.



  1. neil cleary said

    will be happy to help out in any way in your campaign totally disgustedby dan lipinski

  2. I forewarned my congressman, Dan Lipinski, that his vote on health care insurance reform would be dispositive for my future support. I got my answer March 21st. As I consider myself a progressive democrat, your campaign seems to offer a place for me to go. Will you be having any community (Riverside) meet and greet sessions? Also, how does one donate to your cause?

    • Hi Gregory. Thanks for your support. You may now send checks to:
      Laurel Lambert Schmidt for Congress
      PO Box 251
      Brookfield, IL 60513

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