Laurel Lambert Schmidt
Green Party Candidate for
Representative to Congress
Illinois 3rd Congressional District

Laurel Lambert Schmidt

Hi all I am 26 year resident of Riverside IL, married with two grown children, Sarah a PhD candidate in astronomy and Jeff a high school math teacher. I have been active in local schools, community and church for the whole of that time serving as Girl Scout leader, PTA board member, church President and Community House Trustee. I attended Barnard College and have a BA from UIC in history. I am a former insurance underwriter and free lance writer, co-founded and chair the Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice and was co-Director of the Peace Justice and Environment Project. I now spend my time organizing for peace and justice, doing volunteer work for church and community.

A recovering Democrat, I joined the Green Party to give a voice to those who want to stop wars, save the planet and give fair and equitable treatment to all people. I want to:

To contact Laurel Lambert Schmidt, email: llambertschmidt [at] ilgp [dot] org.



  1. Diego Bonesatti said

    What are your views on immigration? Are you in favor of immigration reform? For example, the current bill that Cong. Gutierrez has filed, HR 4321 which would legalize undocumented immigrants. Please respond – a position statement, even yes / no is fine. Thank you.

    • Hi Diego and thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I am in favor of humane immigration reform and for the decriminalization of the acts of working or living by immigrants in this country. As to the bill, I would give a tentative “yes” but still need to study it in its entirety to see if I agree with each provision.

      Laurel Lambert Schmidt

  2. lauren-
    i’m a lapsed membership green, i was hoping to see you at the parade. i’ve been to a couple of health care events at lipinski’s office. i’d like to have some camp lit to pass out to these discouraged dems, esp since many seem to have a grudge against “bill’s kid”.

  3. Charles E. Brown said

    I am interested in your candidacy for the 3rd congressional district. I have followed a path similar to yours in that I am a democrat seeking a stronger representative on: 1) actions to take the U.S. down a path of reducing our contribution to global warming and taking on a role of world leadership in green issues and 2) continued health care reform that atkes us to single payer. Lipinski has lost my vote forever with his illogical No vote on the recent “first step” in health care reform and his Present vote on the stimulus bill ( a vote my dog is fully capable of making for much less salary).

    I see a significant opening to a reasonble individual who has a clear agenda with key elements of merit. There must be many democrats in the 3rd district who now view Lipinski as someone who does nor represent their issues.

    My question for now is, How does one go about making contributions to your campaign? I expect to find an ease “donation” link but do not see one. If it is me, please point out where – if not, please advise as to how to make a contribution and consider adding such a feature for future people who are likely to look you up.


    Charlie Brown

    • Thanks for your interest. May I include you in my email list and volunteer rolls?

      Please watch this space for an address to which you may send donations. It will be available within the week. A “donate” button will follow shortly.

      Thanks again, Laurel.

  4. David Eppenstein said

    Laurel please put me on your email list. Also let me know when you have a place to send donations.

  5. Pam Ferris said

    I agree with your letter in the Suburban Life regarding Lipinski. We need to get him out of office. He does not represent his constituants. He was “Strogered” into office. Please add me to your email.

    • Hi Pam. You’re on the list. We should be getting an email list ready pretty soon.
      Thanks Pam.

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