Press Release re Candidacy

Press Release 9/16/11

for U.S. Congress in the 3rd District

DATE:       Saturday, September 17, 2011
TIME:        12:30 PM
WHERE:   In front of 26 S. LaGrange Road, LaGrange, IL

In her second run for the 3rd Congressional seat, Lambert Schmidt vows to challenge the status quo again by working to:

1.  Create a PEACE economy where we value sustainability over short-term profits
2.  Bail out people instead of Wall Street
3.  Strengthen social security and extend Medicare to everyone
4.  Make elections fair so you don’t have to be rich, somebody’s relative or in the pocket of a corporation to be elected

Laurel Lambert Schmidt says, “the will of the people in the 3rd district has been ignored on war, peace and social issues.  Congressman Lipinski voted against the meager health care improvements of his own party, still denies a women’s right to choose and the children of immigrants a chance to Dream yet he votes for endless war (authorizations & appropriations).
“The people of the 3rd District need and deserve an alternative to the two corporate parties,” says Lambert Schmidt.”The system does not work for the bottom 80% of us.  I joined the Green Party because Greens will not receive money from corporations.  We can’t be bought.”

Lambert Schmidt’s run for Congress in 2010 garnered 6% of the vote on a budget of only $500 raised from individual donors. Now we have a new 3rd.  By redistricting for purely partisan purposes, Illinois Democrats are trying to exclude Greens from the political process.  Lambert Schmidt says she “will campaign in the neighborhoods and, if necessary, in the courts so voters can choose peace over profits.”

After the press conference, Laurel will be available for questions and her volunteers will be collecting the required 600 signatures.



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