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Lipinski is Dead Wrong on Health Care

By voting “no” on the health care bill that passed the US House last night (3/21/10), Dan Lipinski has put his  personal religious values before the well-being of millions of Americans who just might be able get health care coverage when before they could not.

It seems Lipinski was the only Illinois Democrat to vote “no” on the bill because (even with an executive order to the contrary) it contained insufficient restrictions on a woman’s right to an abortion.

Don’t get me wrong.   I am not a big fan of the bill.

  • It maintains and even strengthens the power relations that are to blame for skyrocketing health care costs.
  • There is no viable public option.
  • I advocate single payer, or expanded Medicare for all and will work to make that come about.

However, in the US Congress one has to swallow bitter pills in the name of compromise and this health care bill is the only game in town.

By voting “no,” Lipinski solidifies his record as a social conservative.    He has also voted against stem cell research; against ENDA — the bill that prohibited employment discrimination of LGBT persons —  and for the Federal suppression of medical marijuana use.

Lipinski, however, continues to vote  in favor of numerous war appropriations bills.  I think it is fair to characterize Dan Lipinski as “Pro Life before Birth only.”

Vote Green Party!  What the 3rd Congressional District needs is someone who will work to improve the new health care bill, to work for jobs right here, to create sustainable communities and to bring our troops home.   I urge you to join my campaign and dump Dan Lipinski this coming November.

Laurel Lambert Schmidt


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When will we Filibuster Against War?

Sen. Jim Bunning probably imagined himself as Jimmy Stewart last week when he conducted a filibuster to block appropriations for an extension of unemployment benefits to millions of cash strapped US workers. In Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Stewart plays a courageous representative who put himself on the line before caving into the politics of corruption.

Bunning’s stunt would have been better played out in opposition of where the money really is: gargantuan spending for war including a new “defense supplemental” appropriation.

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