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Green is the Real Deal

Green Party candidates pledge to take zero corporate or PAC money. Refreshing, isn’t it? At a time when Congress is bought and paid for and an army of corporate lobbyists write the laws that favor those who hire them, Greens rely on individual contributions alone.

This legal practice of corporate control of Congress will become even more egregious with the recent FEC vs Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that removed any limits to corporate contributions to election campaigns.

I have heard that it take $350,000 to run a winning Congressional campaign. I won’t have that nearly that much but I will have my independence and credibility to offer voters.

What takes no money is the dedication of a group of eager volunteers.  If you are willing to contribute your time and energy to a campaign that rejects corporate domination of what should be government “for the people,” send me an email (laurel [at] ilgp [dot] org) or note your comment right here.



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Don’t Privatize Midway/Don’t Privatize Our Water

I take exception to the op ed piece in the Chicago Tribune’s Feb 11 edition:  “Time to privatize Midway.”

The authors, Roper and Gannon, claim that the “great success” of privatizing Chicago’s parking meters is an argument for privatizing Midway Airport.   That’s news to me since I have heard nothing but criticism and public outrage since the parking meter sell off occurred. I wonder that the authors have the audacity to make such a claim.

The authors cite the success story of Midway and today’s interest rates as providing a “chance to capitalize on this potential investment…..”     If private firms reap the profits from the public’s investment for a short-term public payout, who will remain to oversee the interests of the public with regards to neighborhood safety and the environmental impact of continued growth in this area?

How long will the current lawmakers continue the process of selling off the public commons to finance a short term bonus to the public treasury?  I suspect this is another chance for certain interests to make a killing.

Now there are plans afoot to privatize the water we receive from Lake Michigan.    Once sold, there will be no public control of what has been a resource for all to use and private profit will trump public need.

Join the Green Party and help protect the public’s property for the public’s good.

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Groundhog Primary is Over

I’d like to thank each of the 286 voters who cast a vote for me yesterday.   Congrats to Rita Maniotis (my esteemed campaign chair) and Jerry Pohlen (esteemed friend) who ran for IL State Central Committee woman and man.  The Third is turning Green.   ON TO NOVEMBER!!

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